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Dr. Rainheart
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Every single Chessie I have ever met has been nuts. Very unpredictable and crazy.

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Back when I was in 4-H, there was a boy who had a Chessie. They have very thick wavy to curly hair. He was a lazy, stubborn dog (partly due to the fact he was over-weight, perhaps?) I've heard the saying "train a Golden with sweet talk, and a Lab with a rope, but you must use a 2x4 on a Chessie." I've also heard the temperament is not the greatest. But then, where I work anyway, I've started putting labs in my list of "breeds to always use caution with" because of how many I've had come in with very aggressive dispositions. (I work as a groomer at a vet clinic, so I've seen quite a few). They also have boarding where I work and about a month ago a lab came in to board who was so aggressive kennel staff couldn't get near him to take care of him, so the owner had to be called to come get the dog. I'm a golden person, so I don't know what exactly breed standard for Chessie or Lab temperament is supposed to be, but I tend to not trust either breed now. I know labs are supposed to be friendly, though I've heard even well-bred ones are more high energy and stubborn then goldens. I can admit also, that I've had some clearly BADLY breed goldens in who are also aggressive, its just more rare to have an aggressive golden-so far....but if labs used to be friendly and due to popularity have been irresponsibly over-bred badly enough to be like this, are goldens far behind?

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These dogs are very popular with waterfowl hunters that hunt geese and in the ocean for sea ducks. As their name suggests they have been used for years hunting in the Chesapeake bay. They are the largest of the Retrievers in the Sporting Breeds. The are like Labs in temperament make good pets also, if you do not mind their size. They more oil on there fur which protects them from cold ocean waters when retrieving. They are also very strong swimmers as you would expect. You can find breeders and more information on the RTF forum (retriever training forum) or on

Good Luck
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AlanK (10-03-2014)
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I have a friend who had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and was one of the best trained dogs I have ever met. I would dog-sit for "Babe" when he had business out of town. She would obey me just as if I was her master. It was a hoot to have her come stay with us. I dropped a dime on the ground once and she picked it up and handed it to me.

She was an excellent waterfowl dog also.

My Buddy TuffDog.

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CAROLINA MOM (10-04-2014)
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There are quite a few Chessies in m area, the ones I have met are really great.
I would love to have one.
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Question Did The Chessie Start With The Newfoundland?

As I was reading this thread, for pure enjoyment, I noted the similarities between the Chessie and my dog, a Newfoundland. My dog, like the Chessie, does well in icy water, was bred for icy waters. (My dog was bred for far colder waters than the Chessie, actually.) I was waiting to read about whether the Chessie had webbed feet and did the breast stroke like the Newfie and the Portuguese Water Dog, when I saw this link. I went to read what the link had to say and saw this:

'In the winter of 1807, an English ship with two Newfoundlands on board wrecked off the coast of Maryland. Everyone was saved, and the two dogs were given to a family of dog lovers. They were later mated with local retrievers including English Otter Hounds, Flat-Coated Retrievers and Curly-Coated Retrievers. Careful breeding over the years has created an outstanding retriever with incredible enthusiasm and endurance".

If this is correct, the Chessie started from the Newfoundland.


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I realized I had not said anything about temperament. Newfies are the opposite of Chessies in temperament, from what I have read. Newfies love everyone, but not the way Goldens do. They are not usually as "social" as Goldens. They do not need to greet everyone on the street. But if anyone wants to greet them, they are gentle and receptive. They never bite; are not territorial; are on both the list of the ten worst watch dogs and the ten worst guard dogs. The only thing they are good for, if you want someone watching your property, is a possible deterrent because of their size. If you don't know the breed the may scare you. Ours actually terrifies some UPS men and other delivery people who leave packages outside our fence. And he doesn't even bark.
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I owned both Chessies and Goldens. I would probably be more of an authority on Chessies than Goldens. They are at opposite ends of the retriever spectrum. Chessies are bred to be supremely athletic water retrievers and they are. They can break ice, plunge into freezing water and take on wounded geese. They can deal with strong currents. Their coats are extremely dense and basically waterproof. They are very loyal to their family, extremely intelligent, can be very aggressive at times. My last chessie was the machine in the goose pits. He would be sent in to retrieve the geese after the other retrievers failed. But as soon as we finished and came home he was my infant daughters stuffed animal. He would take the fur pulling, eye poking and was very pleasant in the home. She was his baby and he was the guardian and took his role seriously. He never bit anyone but if someone unknown approached he would growl. Very different from my golden who was everyone's friend. Even though their personalities were night and day, training them was very similar. Both needed a soft approach to training. My chessies, even though they were the toughest dogs, would turn off and shut down with heavy training methods like ecollars and force fetching. My golden was so sweet you couldn't push him. I think an experienced Golden owner would be surprised with the Chessie. They have a reputation as being stubborn aggressive animals. I think that reputation is somewhat undeserved. That being said I have only had non alpha males, so I've only had the nicest of the breed. My breeder told me that most of the time the true alpha pup is a female. Males are kinda big lovable lugs in comparison. But a lovable Chessie is way different than a Golden. I guess the main thing is to remember Chessies are way different than either a Lab or a Golden. Don't get one unless you clearly understand that.

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NewfieMom (07-12-2016)
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My good friend bred Chessies and they were extremely hard working dogs. They have a bit more edge then many goldens as far as personality but I found them very similar to goldens in many ways. Now she was an old school breeder as far as she did not go into the current trends in the ring in any way. She bred more of a field dog with a really strict requirement on great temperament that made excellent companion dogs with strong off switches and fantastic bodies that conformational made me drool

My daughter competed with several in 4-H and they were also extremely smart and easily trained provided you had their respect they really like you to be as smart as they are. I did not find them to be any more stubborn then a golden just really smart and clever. I would love to own one some day. I will also add I never ran across one like many of you describe as being over protective or aggressive most have been extremely friendly but they were all really well socialized. Peg's male would meet us at the door of the car always carrying a giant log in his mouth happy as can be that someone was coming to visit.

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The one I knew of personally scared the heck out of me growing up... unfriendly and somewhat aggressive towards kids. The owners were weekend hunters, so probably they bought a dog out of the newspaper. Talking to people, it sounds like there's some tendency in the breed if poorly handled, trained, or socialized. And they are bigger dogs than goldens so it's a bit more intimidating.

A lot of the ones I see at shows - I'm not 100% comfortable with my dog around simply because I remember that dog growing up. Probably unfair.

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