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They are beautiful dogs but I wouldnt ever want one. Years ago hubby had a part time job at the marina, and the owner had a chesapeake and that dog scared the crud out of me. He was very agressive and protective. He would pull at you like he wanted to rip your neck out. I heard they are a one person dog and it is hard if they have to re home them. I wouldnt ever own one.

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Originally Posted by missmarstar View Post
does your wife know about this plan? lol
lol...she knows I'm thinking about it. But she says I have to wait until we buy our own house....
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Chessies were "made" Maryland, to be able to withstand the harsh, rough waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

There are a good number of them here. Jacques' son has one.....Belle. She is hunted/worked, not in field trials, but purely a duck/goose water retrieving the Chesapeake Bay all season long.

She's very determined, very "birdy", very strong, and very strong willed. Not at all fluffy and sweet. But very very smart and easy to train, for the job she was intended to do. I think they had some problems early on, however, training her to be a pet as well. Stubborn as a mule.

In general, they tend to be stand-offish, and will guard and protect their family and home.

When we go to visit, Belle will stand and stare at us - watch our every move. She does not respond to any overtures at all until she's comfortable that we belong there. She's not aggressive, but not receptive either.

She's never behaved aggressively to any other animal or human, but I do know others that are extremely protective and possessive. So you have to be very careful of the lines.

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Originally Posted by Deborah View Post
You read my mind. I was just going to post that. I had one from the time I was in 8th grade all the way through college. His name was Orion after the constellation that's "the Hunter". He was a great hunter. I went to school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and he lived with me and 3 other young guys that were hunters. He was an okay bird dog but I never could break him of running deer and he would often be gone for hours which was obviously frustrating. Where he shined naturally was duck and goose season in the frigid waters of Lake Superior and other lakes up there. That dang dog would sit still in the water and have icicles on him by the end of the day and he wouldn't move a muscle until it was time to retrieve. Water I've seen labs shiver in and not be able to handle real well. He was beautiful but was a roamer. I agree it would need to be a "dog" person that gets one as at least mine anyway was very stubborn. I also agree that you are in there circle or not. That dog with the yellowish eyes combined with about 110 pounds of muscle could scare the you know what out of strangers. I was wrestling around with my mom one time on a college break and he jump on her and bit her arm. Not to hard but it happened nonetheless. Ironically he stayed the last four years of his life with her after I graduated and started traveling. He became "her" dog and then they got real close. She lives alone and really felt a lot better with good old Orion around. He was a senior citizen by then but still was something not to be messed with. We had other dogs before him but he was truly my first dog. I sure loved that dog. Sorry for the long post it obviously just brought back some memories.
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Originally Posted by FlyingQuizini View Post
All the Chessie's I've met have been extremely high drive dogs, too. I think they have a high rate of turnover to rescue for that reason.
Exactly the same impression/experiences here. Every one I've ever met so far (like about 30 or so) have been very high energy, very highly focused/driven retrievers... they have all been excellent water retrievers from what I could tell and impossible to satisfy.... they appear to be able to water retrieve forever. I think these dogs are for the serious sporting type people or at least highly active owners. I've watched them work and decided they are more retriever than I'd ever want to deal with. Though they appear to be friendly enough I guess, they pretty much seem to ignore everything but the ball, chuckit, dummy, lure, whatever you've got in your hand to throw... they seem so 'toy oriented' that's its hard to decipher just how much they actually adore people. These are just my perceptions by observation and some contact with the dogs and their owners over the last 3 years... mostly these encounters take place either at a dog park or at a dog beach.

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I have a 1+ Year Old Male Yellow Lab. My Wifes Father (a Lifelong Veterinarian-retired) confirmed my suspicion of Him having Chesapeake Bloodlines though. He IS AKC Certified, However, He told me that he's seen it before where Labs and Chessies were Bred for preference.
Ripken is a Darker Yellow Lab with slightly coarser, longer wavy hair along the back of his neck, and back and tail. Extremely Muscular and Solid Chiseled Physique and Huge Paws, Square head and jawline.
I agree with what most of Swampcollie and Old Guy Monomer said. One Master Dog, extremely intense worker and always sharp and mindful of surroundings. We have a 2 year Golden, and the similarities are few.
For Me, he is the Perfect Dog. I'd Kill for Him and He'd Kill for Me. He has the Perfect Balance of cautiousness and Friendliness. He will listen to my wife if I'm not there most of the time, but if I'm there he basically checks to look for my facial affirmation before obeying.
Willing to Retrieve, Swim, Run anytime and the Bond is Nothing Short of Incredible. He will jump in the pool at 1 am if NOT told not to. Then will sleep right beside or ontop(lol) of Master.
Definitely the Best All Around Dog if You're Athletic and Don't have too many new people around constantly. Intense as they Come when it comes to Performing and Pleasing their Master.
And I'll add that they have the potential to be IF given the Right Environment, Lifestyle, Training and Master. Otherwise, I could understand them not being very Desireable.
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Of all the ones I have met, and it's been quite a few, only 1 was "friendly" towards numerous people. The others ..not so much. They are quite protective and nothing like a golden. They are the watchdog of the retrievers. My hubby had one when he was a kid, his mom had bought him from show lines intending to show him. Well, that didn't pan out because he bonded with him and if he wasn't around no one else could touch him. His mother got bit I believe and ended up rehoming him because my hubby ended up living with his dad and she couldn't touch the dog. They are definetly not a first time dog or even second and you must have a job for them. You must be willing to work with their possessiveness and minimize the situations where something could happen.. I would never own one with having kids. I do hope they improve the tempermant but I think it will be quite awhile before they can because it is so deep inside of them. They are a lovely dog, such a shame they didn't focus more on tempermant when they started creating this breed.

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DH's cousin had one, her name was Chessie :-) She was huge and loveable. They live on a farm and she, along with several other dogs, stayed outdoors 24/7.

That's my only experience with the breed.

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I've known several and for the most part they are loyal almost to a fault and tend to be somewhat hardheaded and need a very firm hand to train. They have a very high work ethic and are more protective than most goldens and labs. In my opinion they are without peer as a working gun dog. They have a very interesting history and you might check out their website. I much prefer goldens but would not turn one down if given to me as a rescue.
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