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One of my fosters a cattle dog female was admitted into the GAP program back in 2006. She had such a herding drive, she couldn't settle and nipped everything. I asked her to be tested since she was from a shelter, they did and she was placed with a Trainer in El Paso. She now herds goats and sheep! She was trained to do better what she naturally did. She lives and is loved by her family and goes to work with her Dad every day. What a wonderful new beginning for a great girl that just needed a job to do.

Great thing about the GAP program is that it saves we the taxpayer. Trained dogs for the Government run about $15,000 that "We" pay for. The GAP dogs are free, no cost and a lifetime of working and being loved by the assigned family. What a win-win situation and one more dog saved from certain death.

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I want to surround myself with people who are "Cracked" for they are the ones that let the Sun Shine in.
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Blind Runner Defies Odds Thanks to Guide Dog

A blind teen and cross country runner named Sami is defying the odds thanks to her guide dog, Chloe.

There are those who are content with letting life's biggest obstacles keep them down. And then there are those people who strive to rise above those obstacles, regardless of what life throws their way.
Sami Stoner, a legally blind 16-year-old teen, is a member of the latter group. As an MSNBC story chronicled, this remarkable girl has defied all odds despite her young age. Sami, who loves to run for the sake of running, has not let her disability stop her from running on her high school's team. She's now in her fourth year of running, thanks in no small part to her guide dog and friend, Currently, Chloe plays an integral role in Sami's life. While she helps Sami navigate the hallways of her school, she also helps navigate the winding trails that are Ohio's cross country courses. And Chloe could not have come into Sami's life at a more perfect time.
Sami began running cross country in eighth grade, but by the end of that school year her sight had left her due to untreatable Stargardt disease. In high school, she worried that she wouldn't be able to run, but found solace in the form of a friend who took up the mantle to be her running partner. When her friend graduated, Sami a new partner for the course. Enter Chloe, who is thought to be the first animal to compete in high school scholastic athletics thanks to a waiver Sami won permitting her guide dog on the course.
"I love having Chloe," says Sami. "She's helped me so much."
Truly, Sami's new guide dog is making waves with her and her family in a big way.
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What a beautiful story! A friend has gone blind over the last few years and it real brought home how fortunate I am and a reminder to be grateful.
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By Caroline Golon

Photo: Benoit Denizet-Lewis

click image to open/close

Have you ever yearned to spend months traveling cross-country with your best friend?

That’s just what journalist Benoit Denizet-Lewis intends to do February 10, when he sets out on a four-month journey across the United States with his nine-year-old Lab/Golden mix, Casey. The purpose? To explore the human-canine relationship and the role dogs play in our society.

From talking with a homeless person about his relationship with his dog, to visiting agility competitions to understand how sport dogs and their owners relate, to exploring how the typical American families treat their pooches, Benoit plans to meet dogs and their people from all walks of life, communities and situations.

The stories he hears and the insights he discovers will be the basis of a book he’s writing that shows the complete story of the different roles dogs play in American life.

Benoit predicts his own story and relationship with Casey will be a large part of the book.

“In addition to telling the story of dogs in America, I hope it’s a good bonding experience between Casey and me,” Benoit says. “I am going to be with him non-stop for four months and will be doing a lot of fun things with him. I’d like to become more connected to him and better understand what he might want out of life.”

Photo: Benoit Denizet-Lewis

click image to open/close

Benoit has written about a number of topics in his career, but it was his cover story for the New York Times Magazine last November about the health issues of “overbred” Bulldogs that sparked his interest in our society’s relationships with our dogs. A passionate dog owner himself, Benoit was struck by the intensity of the response to his article and he wanted to learn more about the attitudes, perceptions and passions of the dog-loving community.

And so, the 36-year-old writer and Casey will set out from their home on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Traveling by RV, Benoit and Casey plan to travel south down the East Coast into Florida. They’ll then trek across the Southwest to California, up the West Coast, across the Midwest and back home to Massachusetts in May.

And while, like many dog owners, Benoit often wonders if he’s giving Casey all he needs to be happy, he’s confident Casey will enjoy the journey. With new people, dogs and situations to encounter every day, Benoit says, “He gets very excited. I think it will match his personality.”

To follow the duo's journey, please visit Travels with Casey on Facebook.
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Originally Posted by My Big Kahuna View Post
This one starts out rough but stick with it It's worth it in the end! (caution: tear jerker!)

Hero dog saves another after it was hit in the highway. - YouTube
Superb clip...Lol!
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Puppy rescued by Canadian hockey players finds new home

There’s a happy ending to the story of a puppy that was rescued by three hockey players in the frigid weather of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Last month, hockey players Josh Morrissey, Shane Danyluk and Carson Perreaux of the Western Hockey League’s Prince Albert Raiders, heard a whimper coming from the back of an abandoned truck. They saw a puppy suffering in -40 C temperature and decided to help save him.
The puppy was suffering from mange — a disease that causes hair loss — but he was nursed back to health thanks to wonderful care and donations from a veterinary company. After receiving plenty of treatment, he’s nearly doubled in size and he showed no signs of the disease after being tested on Tuesday.
As the puppy’s story spread through the news, several requests for adoption came in. One lucky couple in Vancouver is adopting the puppy — now named Raider after the nickname of the hockey players’ team — and they were set to receive him on Wednesday.
“It’s nice to see he’s grown. He’s in a better place and he’s got a good family taking care of him now,” said Morrissey, one of the players who rescued the pup. “It’s nice to see a success story out of it all.”
How could anyone not fall in love with a puppy that looks like this:

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Cat named Pudding rescues owner hours after his adoption

Feline rouses woman from diabetic seizure by jumping on her chest, swatting her face

Door County Humane Society
Meet Pudding, the calm, relaxed cat who rescued his owner from a diabetic seizure the day she adopted him.

Pudding the cat is big. He is orange. He is laid-back. And he’s a lifesaver.
Just ask Amy Jung. The 36-year-old Wisconsin resident credits 21-pound Pudding with saving her from the grip of diabetic seizure mere hours after she adopted him from a local animal shelter.

“If something or someone hadn’t pulled me out of that, I wouldn’t be here,” Jung told the Green Bay Press-Gazette newspaper.

Here’s what happened: On Feb. 8, Jung visited the Door County Humane Society with her son, Ethan. She had no intention of adopting a pet; she and her son just wanted to play with the cats, who are allowed to roam free at the no-kill shelter.

But, as can happen with felines and humans, Pudding and Jung felt a strong and immediate connection.

“He just gravitated to her,” Door County Humane Society Executive Director Carrie Counihan told TODAY.com.

Jung made an on-the-spot decision to bring Pudding home. Always a calm and relaxed guy, Pudding took to his new digs right away, displaying not a hint of skittishness on his first day there.

That evening Jung, who has been living with diabetes since the age of 4, went to bed at about 9:30 p.m. About 90 minutes later, she started to have a diabetic seizure. That’s when, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, “Pudding planted his weight on her chest and, when he could not wake her, began swatting her face and biting her nose.”

Jung came to her senses enough to yell out to her son for assistance. At that point, Pudding jumped up onto Ethan’s bed and startled him into action. He immediately rushed to get his mom the help she needed.

“Her doctor said she could have gone into a coma and not come out of it if much more time had gone by,” Counihan said. “The fact that Pudding did what he did without knowing her that well is just amazing to me.”

Since the scary Feb. 8 incident, Jung has followed her doctor’s advice to have Pudding registered as a therapy animal.

“I think he’s already made his first trip to Walmart,” Counihan said.

Pudding had been living at the shelter for about a month before Jung took him home. He arrived there in early January with another cat named Wimsy after their owner died. Jung adopted Wimsy, too, because she didn’t want to separate them.

This wasn’t Pudding’s first stint at the Door County Humane Society. In 2008, a family surrendered him to the shelter because their son was allergic to cats. His name at that time was Starbuck. His last owner, the woman who just passed away, decided to change his name to Pudding.

“Pudding is 8 1/2-ish now — not too old,” Counihan said. “And Wimsy is 3 years old. Maybe he’ll pick up some of Pudding’s powers.”
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Surf Dog Ricochet Tackles Bully Problem

Photo: Ricochet and the boy courtesy of www.pawmazing.com

click image to open/close

By Caroline Golon

A dog named Ricochet shot to stardom in 2009 when a video of her uncanny ability to surf the waves with disabled people went viral.

Today, with nearly 4 million video views and 63,000 Facebook fans, Ricochet uses her fame to raise money and awareness for various causes, including a serious issue plaguing American schools – bullying.

Ricochet and her owner, Judy Fridono of Escondido, Calif., visit local schools to talk with the students about bullying. They discuss what it is, why it’s bad and how kids can deal with bullies.

Then, Judy tells the students something that usually shocks them: Ricochet herself has been a victim of bullying.

“I don’t take her to dog parks anymore,” says Judy. “The other dogs don’t hurt her but it seems like they know that she’s a soft, gentle soul and they sometimes gang up on her.”

Judy says the students are surprised to think that even a dog could be bullied. She believes knowing this about Ricochet makes bullied kids not feel so alone, and hopefully gives them the courage to tell an adult what they’re going through.

Photo: Ricochet courtesy of Facebook.com/SurfDogRicochet

click image to open/close

“Kids seem to relate to dogs differently than they do to teachers or adults,” says Judy. “That’s why I think this program is so effective.”

Ricochet, who was born and trained to be a service dog, was unhappy with the direction Judy was pushing her. It wasn’t until Judy saw Ricochet happily jump onto a surfboard with a disabled boy that she realized she was trying to push Ricochet to be something she wasn’t.

“Once I let her be herself, everything changed,” Judy says.

Judy hopes the “be yourself” message gets through to the kids Ricochet meets. “It’s okay to be different, even if people don’t understand you,” Judy says. “I think Ricochet’s story shows that.”

In addition to her anti-bullying work, Ricochet continues to surf with disabled people, raises money for breast cancer research and has participated in a program designed to assist veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“Ricochet’s message to these kids is to be true to yourself no matter what anyone says. That’s what Ricochet did and look what she’s accomplished!”
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Rescue Dog Chases Away the Zombies from a Little Boy's Nightmares

We've had some horrific abuse stories here lately so this story on yesterday's afternoon news made me smile because it shows how dogs can chase away the zombies in a young fearful child's life.

Man's best friend chases away young boy's nightmares | wfaa.com Dallas - Fort Worth

Posted on April 13, 2012 at 4:47 PM
Updated yesterday at 5:31 PM

Good Dog Fetch
DALLAS - Experts say you can teach a dog to do just about anything with repetition and positive reinforcement, and one North Texas family found that to be true.
They rescued a dog from an uncertain future, who in turn rescued their son from sleepless nights.
Dawn McMullan's son once had trouble sleeping. He would turn fearful once the lights went out. Rather than sweet dreams, the then 9-year-old boy would have nightmares plagued with zombies.

"We had the lights on, his brother slept with him a little while, all the logical steps a parent would take," McMullan said.

The solution to chase away those zombies came with four legs and a wagging tail. A dog no one wanted became the answer to young Sawyer's sleep deprivation.

"He said a dog big enough to scare off zombies," his mother said of what he thought might curb his fears.

Malcolm, the dog the McMullan family eventually adopted, was skinny and skittish with no home to call his own.
The family adopted Malcolm and sought help from Good Dog Fetch, a company that offers training classes for children and dogs. The company trains only with positive reinforcement.

"Always have an upbeat voice, never command him or say like 'bad dog' and stuff, always be positive," Sawyer said.
"When you are having fun, and your dog is doing something that you are asking them to do, and you succeed, you gain a lot more confidence," said Robin Terrell, Good Dog Fetch. "They both had much more confidence with each other."

Confidence was enough to chase away the zombies, and created a lasting bond between the young boy and his dog.

"He sleeps in my bed," Sawyer said. "He thinks it's his bed. I sleep like 10 times better with Malcolm there."

"The zombies are all gone," mom said. "He totally has done his job."
As an aside, the trainer, Robin Terrell, is the person we will use for assistance in the training of our future puppy (one of these days ), with the goal of training towards pet assisted therapy work, one of my future goals in life. As I was watching this Toby ran up to the screen as soon as he heard Ms. Terrell's voice and started canting his head back and forth, listening to her....I'm taking that as a very good sign.
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I thought this may fit this thread. Gentle GR for sure.
Fawn's best friend: Golden Retriever and baby deer frolic together in backyard | Mail Online
You must scroll down a bit to start the video may be old but this is the first I saw it

My Buddy TuffDog.
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