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I am 33 months into the projected last 18 to 24 months of life, according to the Hospitalist that oversaw my treatment in August 2016 when my health crashed down around my ankles. Diabetes was the root cause.

Nine months ago I received a Dexcom G6 continuous blood glucose monitor. It has changed my life. Literally. From 170 units of Lantus per day to 24 units per day of Lantus and about 54 units per day of Humilog. With few "highs" above 220, and an extremely few number of "lows" below 60. The trend analysis function allows me to act, rather than react. My last A1C was 7.1, the previous was 11 (Aug 2018), and the Aug 2016 was 12.2 .

High blood sugar affects all other systems. I feel better than I have in 8 years or more. Honestly, I have been in bad health so long that I don't remember being in better health since before Daughter was born 37 years ago.

Rx strength Omega3 and over-the-counter CoQ10 are essential for my general health. I can feel a difference in vitality when I miss taking them for a few days.

A year ago I was doubtful I would see my grandson make Eagle Scout by next Jan when he turns 18. Now I believe I will see the new, 26 mos old, grandson graduate from high school.

Max (the human, not the canine)

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