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Think I Have The Answer

I have been staying so tired that I fall asleep almost as soon as I sit down. Now since Oct. I have been mostly having to wait on hubby hand and foot due to surgery on one foot twice, and then the other foot. I have sciatica which doesn't help. I figured I was just over doing it with taking care of Jerry, the dog, myself, etc. Well, I had my blood work down lat week and will see the doctor on Friday . It is for my 3 months check,tho been 6 month since I had it done.

I can get the results from the lab on my computer and I did so today. My A1C was to high, but has been for a whole. Also, my anemia persists. BUT the thing I think is going to be the boogey bear is my thyroid. From what I read, it should be between .40 and 4.0. Lat time it was 2.59. This time is is .05. Looks like my thyroid med is going to have to be increased.

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