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Originally Posted by FlyingQuizini View Post
All the Chessie's I've met have been extremely high drive dogs, too. I think they have a high rate of turnover to rescue for that reason.
Exactly the same impression/experiences here. Every one I've ever met so far (like about 30 or so) have been very high energy, very highly focused/driven retrievers... they have all been excellent water retrievers from what I could tell and impossible to satisfy.... they appear to be able to water retrieve forever. I think these dogs are for the serious sporting type people or at least highly active owners. I've watched them work and decided they are more retriever than I'd ever want to deal with. Though they appear to be friendly enough I guess, they pretty much seem to ignore everything but the ball, chuckit, dummy, lure, whatever you've got in your hand to throw... they seem so 'toy oriented' that's its hard to decipher just how much they actually adore people. These are just my perceptions by observation and some contact with the dogs and their owners over the last 3 years... mostly these encounters take place either at a dog park or at a dog beach.

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