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Originally Posted by Deborah View Post
You read my mind. I was just going to post that. I had one from the time I was in 8th grade all the way through college. His name was Orion after the constellation that's "the Hunter". He was a great hunter. I went to school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and he lived with me and 3 other young guys that were hunters. He was an okay bird dog but I never could break him of running deer and he would often be gone for hours which was obviously frustrating. Where he shined naturally was duck and goose season in the frigid waters of Lake Superior and other lakes up there. That dang dog would sit still in the water and have icicles on him by the end of the day and he wouldn't move a muscle until it was time to retrieve. Water I've seen labs shiver in and not be able to handle real well. He was beautiful but was a roamer. I agree it would need to be a "dog" person that gets one as at least mine anyway was very stubborn. I also agree that you are in there circle or not. That dog with the yellowish eyes combined with about 110 pounds of muscle could scare the you know what out of strangers. I was wrestling around with my mom one time on a college break and he jump on her and bit her arm. Not to hard but it happened nonetheless. Ironically he stayed the last four years of his life with her after I graduated and started traveling. He became "her" dog and then they got real close. She lives alone and really felt a lot better with good old Orion around. He was a senior citizen by then but still was something not to be messed with. We had other dogs before him but he was truly my first dog. I sure loved that dog. Sorry for the long post it obviously just brought back some memories.
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