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Of all the ones I have met, and it's been quite a few, only 1 was "friendly" towards numerous people. The others ..not so much. They are quite protective and nothing like a golden. They are the watchdog of the retrievers. My hubby had one when he was a kid, his mom had bought him from show lines intending to show him. Well, that didn't pan out because he bonded with him and if he wasn't around no one else could touch him. His mother got bit I believe and ended up rehoming him because my hubby ended up living with his dad and she couldn't touch the dog. They are definetly not a first time dog or even second and you must have a job for them. You must be willing to work with their possessiveness and minimize the situations where something could happen.. I would never own one with having kids. I do hope they improve the tempermant but I think it will be quite awhile before they can because it is so deep inside of them. They are a lovely dog, such a shame they didn't focus more on tempermant when they started creating this breed.

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