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I have a 1+ Year Old Male Yellow Lab. My Wifes Father (a Lifelong Veterinarian-retired) confirmed my suspicion of Him having Chesapeake Bloodlines though. He IS AKC Certified, However, He told me that he's seen it before where Labs and Chessies were Bred for preference.
Ripken is a Darker Yellow Lab with slightly coarser, longer wavy hair along the back of his neck, and back and tail. Extremely Muscular and Solid Chiseled Physique and Huge Paws, Square head and jawline.
I agree with what most of Swampcollie and Old Guy Monomer said. One Master Dog, extremely intense worker and always sharp and mindful of surroundings. We have a 2 year Golden, and the similarities are few.
For Me, he is the Perfect Dog. I'd Kill for Him and He'd Kill for Me. He has the Perfect Balance of cautiousness and Friendliness. He will listen to my wife if I'm not there most of the time, but if I'm there he basically checks to look for my facial affirmation before obeying.
Willing to Retrieve, Swim, Run anytime and the Bond is Nothing Short of Incredible. He will jump in the pool at 1 am if NOT told not to. Then will sleep right beside or ontop(lol) of Master.
Definitely the Best All Around Dog if You're Athletic and Don't have too many new people around constantly. Intense as they Come when it comes to Performing and Pleasing their Master.
And I'll add that they have the potential to be IF given the Right Environment, Lifestyle, Training and Master. Otherwise, I could understand them not being very Desireable.
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